Slovenian Dark Lord descends upon KraKon!

Hi, Christopher, please introduce yourself and tell us about your cosplay career and how you wound up being one of the cosplay judges in this year’s KraKon cosplay competition!

Hey! I’m Christopher, I come from Slovenia (sorry for my English but as you know, I can’t speak Croatian 🙁 ) I’ve been cosplaying since 2014. My first real cosplay and everything else before were only random costumes for masquerade (Pust). I try to pull off at least one costume per year and must say up until now I’ve had success following that. I’ve won a few times with some of them :3 I am also an active LARPer so I try to make costumes for various NPCs/monsters as well!

I met Lumos and Nox at 2018 Mondo Con during the International Championship Cosplay Competition. Both had amazingly cosplays and later on I was approached by them if I would like to join the judging team for their convention KraKon! I was very happy to be invited and gladly accepted!

Christopher je spreman za kolinje.

We saw you on SFeraKon, have you visited any other Croatian conventions? What were your impressions about our cosplayers and how do we compare to our Slovenian neighbors? 

Yes, I was at SFeraKon for the first time, and it was very nice. The whole convention is a bit different than Na meji nevidnega, however. Looking forward to seeing you two attending this year!

We had a loose plan of visiting the »Zagreb Comicon« on the Sunday same weekend but had to return home on Saturday evening, so SFeraKon is the only convention in Croatia which we’ve attended. Hope I can attend more next year! Of course, I am very much looking forward to the KraKon! :3 and with that one, I’ll pocket two of them!

Nox and I met you last year in Budapest when you were representing Slovenia in the ICCC, how did you like the experience? Are you applying again this year? Also, let us not forget your charming cosplay partner whom I have trouble recognizing since she wears amazing cosplays that totally transform her! Will she be visiting KraKon with you? 

The experience was very good, it was, after all, a much bigger convention than our local ones. I’m not a fan of performance when it comes to me competing so that part I didn’t like, the rest was just great, hospitality, help, and coordination were great in regards of ICCC.

Also many, many skilled cosplayers! This year I took a break in competing mainly due to being a judge at our local convention NMN and because I’ve got a huge project in motion, which I hope I can finish until December to apply to Vienna ComiCon. Also, it’s nice just being support for my girlfriend when she is competing and I’ve been swamped at work.

And yes! My girlfriend Ema Rener will be visiting KraKon with me as well! She thanks you for your kind words, and returns the compliment!

During ICCC, the first thing we noticed on your cosplay was the mechanical eye thingy which kinda blew us away. 3D printing is a hobby of yours, and you’ll be holding a  presentation about it on KraKon, tell us more about your passion!  

Oh yes, my moving mask eyepiece, and other working components. I LOVE functioning props, either lights, smoke, sound, moving pieces and other effects, you name it! So, I try to incorporate those into my cosplays. 3D printing is a hobby, but mainly a tool for cosplay. I will hold a short presentation about this, mainly due to the common belief of people that 3D printing is somehow “cheating” in the world of cosplay. I will try to prove them wrong.

I will also have a special prop in the making with me, which might peak people’s interest. ^×^

Have you ever judged a cosplay competition before? What is the most important thing to you while judging someone’s cosplay? Should our cosplay gujdeki be afraid? 😀 

I have not! I’ve been to plenty of competitions to know how the judging goes and I am judging at our convention Na Meji Nevidnega this year in September also! I would say everything is important, but maybe the most is character similarity if you’ve achieved your look to be as close to the source as humanly possible.

Gujdeki can fear me because I’ll be an evil wizard at KraKon! 😛

Christopher Koležnik, 2019.

Lastly, we can’t wait to have you and show you some zagorski hospitality! We’re keeping our thumbs crossed you finish your cosplay in time, but then again, cosplays are mandatory for our judges, so we just might make your partner a cosplay judge if you don’t make it on time xD 

Thank you! We are also looking forward to it very much! I will finish it even though I’m in a bit of a time crunch! But if anyone transfigurates me into a rat, feel free to make my partner a judge, she has done it before so she would be ready! 😛

Thank you again for invitation and see you soon!


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